Integration with Honda iN Plus

Dealers on Dominion VUE DMS now have more flexibility in check printing.

Norfolk, Va. – July 28, 2022 – Dominion DMS announces integration with Honda iN Plus which allows information that is sent to American Honda Motors to be processed immediately over a secure Internet connection for Honda and Acura dealers.  This eliminates multiple manual “processing” steps.

Features that are included are:

  • Warranty Claims: This sends one or multiple warranty claims per repair order. It will include note fields that can be used to summarize a customer complaint or situation and how it was corrected. It also eliminates double entry of warranty claim information.
  • VIN Inquiry Interface: This automatically generates vehicle history data before a repair order is created. It will contain complete vehicle service and status information.
  • Parts Order/Parts Returns: This allows for easy entering and submission of parts orders and part return data. Multiple parts orders can be input at one time with an option to choose which part orders to process first.
  • Electronics Parts Catalog: This allows Honda dealers to look up parts required to complete a repair and automatically checks the Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) dealer on-hand parts database to determine whether or not the parts are currently in stock. Part orders can be completed and sent to Honda directly from the parts catalog. This also includes an automatic Honda warehouse parts locator check.

“The Honda iN Plus integration helps improve operating efficiencies and eliminates delays which save us time and increases productivity. It removes duplicate entries which could have resulted in costly mistakes.” – Mark Kool, Co-owner, Janssen Kool Honda

Sharon Kitzman, President Dominion DMS – “At Dominion DMS, our mission is to partner with automotive dealers in an ever-evolving landscape.  As a partner, we want to find ways to drive efficiencies into client processes, and Honda iN Plus provides modern integrations that offer that opportunity.”

This announcement is yet another reason for dealers to reconsider their current DMS relationship and consider what VUE DMS can offer.

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