Weatherproof Your Car Dealership Operations


The winter storm that recently swept through most of the country led to power outages and water issues in many parts of the country. The freezing rain and ice produced dangerous driving conditions, which meant employees could not drive to work. This resulted in some dealerships closing doors or reducing operations for several days. Whether it is unprecedented blizzards or hurricane season, severe weather conditions cause serious disruption to dealerships. Here are some steps you can take to prepare and protect your business regardless of location or climate.

Assess Your Automotive Dealership’s Risks

Severe weather continues to rise each year. From hurricanes and tornadoes to earthquakes and fires to hail storms and blizzards, the list goes on. Depending on the location, you are more likely to experience certain natural disasters more than others. However, the winter storm that shut down Texas is a reminder that everyone must be prepared for the unexpected. That’s why it’s important to perform an auto dealership risk assessment every year to see how you can best prepare for worst-case scenarios and evaluate the tools you’ll need to overcome them.

Invest in Reliable Technology

During natural disasters, threats to your inventory and data security increase significantly. When a San Antonio car dealership lost power during the winter storm, and security cameras were down, thieves stole 5 cars and 45 keys – a $100,000 loss for the business. In terms of data security, a DMS with an onsite server can be damaged by floods, which can mean a loss of data that is essential to your operations. To protect your physical and data assets, identify potential technology issues and invest in modern car dealership software that can continue to operate even when everything else is down. For example, the most secure DMS for car dealerships are those that can store data in the cloud, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Protect Your Dealership Assets

Computer systems and servers, as well as the data it contains, are at risk of physical loss during severe weather. The loss of business information can cripple your operations, so look at options that can store your data in the cloud and allow you to access it anywhere. Make sure your dealership information system is backed up in real time, so you are always working with the latest data.

Maintain Productivity Remotely

The global pandemic accelerated dealers’ need to work remotely. It’s no different in severe weather conditions that may limit you or your employees’ ability to commute into the store. With modern technology, such as the cloud-native VUE DMS, you can access dealership data anywhere and continue working as long as there is internet. Look for solutions that make it easy for you to retrieve information when you’re telecommuting, such as those that offer advanced security without VPN requirements. This helps reduce lost productivity, which happens when you are still able to work but cannot be physically onsite.

While there are many things beyond your control, taking these steps can help minimize damage and loss of productivity to your dealership. By putting some protective measures and the right technology in place, you can reduce downtime that hurts your profits while enabling you to quickly recover and get back to serving your community.

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