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Our sole objective is to offer support where we can. We value your partnership and are genuinely here to assist in any way possible.

Message from:

Sharon Kitzman, President Dominion DMS

As a veteran with over thirty years in the automotive industry, having held leadership roles at three different DMS providers, I deeply empathize with the CDK dealers and the CDK team. I understand that situations like these can befall anyone, and I have experienced such setbacks in one of my previous businesses. It is profoundly distressing, both personally and professionally, to find yourself unable to support your dealers during such challenging times.

This message is not driven by ill intentions or the desire to exploit the situation as a competing vendor. We fully comprehend the gravity of choosing a DMS, which typically requires extensive vetting over several months. We are extending a helping hand to both Dealers and CDK during this challenging time, offering temporary assistance to ensure dealers can continue their operations and serve their customers.

To this end, Dominion DMS is presenting a no-cost thirty-day basic package to dealers, equipping them with essential tools necessary for running their businesses, including Accounting, Parts, Service, Sales, and F&I functionalities. Given that we currently cannot access your CDK data, this package will not include a data conversion. However, we will provide web-based training that is streamlined to quickly educate your team on fundamental tasks such as writing and invoicing an RO, issuing and printing A/P checks, parts invoices, and, naturally, F&I forms.  At the end of the thirty days, or anytime before, you can transition back to your CDK system, or continue to stay with Dominion. This is a temporary solution, designed to provide stability and control during this challenging period.

Our sole objective is to offer support where we can. We value your partnership and are genuinely here to assist in any way possible. Please follow the link provided in the email to submit your request. A member of our team will promptly get in touch with you to initiate the process. We are here to ensure a smooth transition during this turbulent period, working together with you to overcome these challenges.

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  • Parts
  • Service
  • Sales
  • F&I
  • Accounting
  • Reporting

No OEM Integration

Third-Party Integration - case by case

No Data Conversion - we cannot get to your data right now

No onsite install

web-based training

Complete Mission Critical Tasks

Issue and invoice an RO

Issue and print A/P checks

Generate parts invoices

Prepare F&I forms


30 days


What happens when CDK is back up and running?

You can contract and stay with VUE DMS

You can go back to CDK

  • If you return to CDK and want the data/transactions that you entered into VUE, we will provide that data to you in a format of your choice.

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