Careers at Dominion DMS

We are driven by one passion: To help dealers take back control.

At Dominion DMS, we seek qualified candidates with the following qualities:

Client Focused:
We are obsessed with helping dealers win in the market. We do this by redefining the concept of “partner” with every interaction.

We continue to evolve from developing the first Windows-based DMS decades ago to now changing the game by offering a robust web-based core DMS for $0 a month/per location.

Community Oriented:
We believe in the importance of community, so we give team members an opportunity to take a day off and volunteer with causes close to their hearts.

When our people grow, so does our business. That is why we invest in training and development and host ongoing learning opportunities, including tuition reimbursement, book clubs, and leadership training.

Fast and Agile:
We operate in a rapidly changing market, so we incorporate both agile processes and mindsets that encourage versatility and flexibility. This enables us to pivot quickly and help our clients do the same.

We believe that transparency and communication is key to building trust and a resilient organization. Being honest with each other and with our clients enable us to solve problems quickly and move forward together.

No one has a monopoly on great ideas. That is why we appreciate diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives. We encourage team members to bring their ideas and vision to their leadership team, colleagues, and peers.

Man shaking hand inside of a car dealership.

Our Team

People sit around a table discussing business.

Apply To Join Our Team If You Are:

We believe diversity of ideas and experiences is essential to a high-performing team. We want people who are unafraid to share their perspectives and challenge the status quo.

Transparency and communication are key to our success. We want people who do what they say they will do and be upfront about challenges they face – so we can solve them together.

As a startup backed by a parent company, we move fast. We want people who have a bias for action and help others do the same.

There is no “I” in team. We succeed together, so we want people who are open to working across functions, departments, and even other business divisions to achieve organizational goals.

As the dealer-focused DMS solution, we take pride in putting our clients first. We want people who are willing to step beyond their role to help clients when needed.

We are all in this together. We want people who are willing to take risks and share ideas but also willing to listen and learn from other perspectives.

Strong companies are not just built on competencies. They are forged through acts of kindness that bonds people together. Our team members do magnificent work, but they are also respectful and considerate of each other.

Comprehensive Benefits