4 Things That Are Still A Struggle & How Automotive CRM Solutions Can Help

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Navigating the automotive industry can be an incredibly frustrating experience for car shoppers.  From slow response times to unanswered questions, it’s no wonder many dealers have looked to a myriad of solutions to simplify the process.  As an auto industry veteran, I recently went car shopping from home and was incredibly frustrated with the need for more speed and response accuracy.  I am now advocating for more automotive dealers to invest in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions which provide the following four solutions.  This way, they can provide the best customer service possible by quickly and accurately responding to their customers’ questions and capturing that lead for sale!

1) Bridging the Gap Between Speed and Quality

Regarding the lead, speed and quality of response are key.  Dealers need to be able to respond to customer inquiries quickly and accurately.  I sent a few questions via dealer websites that were not answered for three days.  We all know that the lead has moved on at that point.

Texting is often faster than email.  However, emails can provide a more comprehensive answer to customer questions.  Price and availability are the two things that I wanted to understand quickly.  Website chat can be helpful for this.  However, it is often handled by a third party who can only quote the internet price.

Mobile CRM is the perfect solution for bridging the gap between speed and quality.  Mobile CRM allows dealers’ salespeople to manage customer relationships anywhere, anytime, giving them the flexibility and efficiency to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries.  With Mobile CRM, dealers can answer customer inquiries promptly while providing accurate information.

2) Dealers Have the Technology–Why Don’t They Leverage It Consistently?

It’s no secret that the automotive industry is shifting towards Mobile CRM technology.  Despite this, many dealers have yet to take full advantage of the technology and its potential for improving customer relationships.

One of the main reasons dealers are hesitant to adopt Mobile CRM is because of laws governing how businesses can respond to customers through text without having them opt-in.  Many dealers may need to be aware that all automotive CRM systems have mobile apps that allow them to send messages that comply with these laws.

Another reason dealers may need to leverage their Mobile CRM solutions more consistently is that they may need a clearer understanding of how they can benefit from it.  For example, if a salesperson communicates with a lead via pure phone text, they will not have proof of engagement when the lead shows up at the dealership.  This helps them form a stronger connection with the lead.  If they use the Mobile CRM application, all those text communications are logged, which can help increase the likelihood of closing a sale and the debate on a split commission!

Mobile CRM is invaluable for improving customer relationships and helping dealers.  By leveraging Mobile CRM consistently, dealers can significantly improve customer interactions and foster stronger relationships.

3) A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

The adage “a picture speaks 1,000 words” is especially true in CRM.  Video is a powerful tool for engaging customers and showing off the features of your products and services.  With the rise of mobile devices, it is now easier to show potential customers what you offer.

Using videos in CRM texting or email can be incredibly beneficial as they help bridge the gap between speed and quality.  Videos provide customers with quick, digestible visual information that is also engaging.  This helps to ensure that your message is conveyed effectively and that customers have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

I was amazed by the number of spelling and grammatical errors in the responses I received.  Customers don’t have to worry about spell checks when watching a video, ensuring the delivery of a more professional response.

There are many vendors available who can help you produce professional intro and vehicle videos to show off your products.

4) Accountability: Inspecting What You Expect

The automotive industry is built on relationships and trust, and it’s critical to have systems that ensure accountability.  With CRM, automotive dealers can create a system of checks and balances for their sales teams, ensuring that leads and sales are tracked, managed, and maintained accurately.

Mobile CRM activity tracking provides detailed daily insights into which areas need more attention and where there are opportunities for improvement. Automated reminders keep everyone on the same page and focused on the most important things. Teams can trust that the CRM system is accurate and up-to-date instead of relying on manual spreadsheets that may contain outdated or inaccurate information. 

CRM helps automotive dealers maintain accountability within their organization by providing easy-to-access records and analytics. These tools are essential for creating an efficient workflow and meeting customer expectations. With Mobile CRM, everyone can be confident that customer relationship management is held to the highest standards.

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