Dominion DMS Announces New Website Designed for Dealers


All-new website offers resources to help dealerships drive business continuity, enabling them to quickly pivot in ever-evolving landscape.

VUE DMS, a cloud-native solution providing dealers the confidence to break free with digital mobility, security and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market, announces the launch of its new website. The site offers a modern design with helpful resources to support dealers as they navigate an ever-evolving landscape impacted by changing consumer shopping preferences, regulations, security threats and emerging technologies.

“A DMS is the digital heartbeat of a dealership, so the decision to change solutions is highly complex,” said Dominion DMS President Sharon Kitzman. “Leveraging our company’s experience serving the automotive industry, VUE’s website aims to educate dealers on selecting the right solution for them and the best practices to maximize value across their enterprise to drive business continuity and profits.”

VUE is built from the ground up as a true cloud-native solution by a company with decades of experience serving dealerships. Developed on Microsoft Azure, the DMS gives dealers peace of mind knowing their data is protected by a leading cloud provider. VUE will continue to leverage strategic partnerships with Microsoft to ensure dealerships have the latest technologies to grow their business. 

“Dominion DMS benefits from having a large team member base that have decades of automotive retail experience,” said Dominion DMS Marketing Director Robert J. Gorincen.” Combined with our strategic partnership with Microsoft, we can share these insights with dealers in the most efficient way.”

The all-new website offers a Resources section featuring press release announcements, blog posts and interactive media to help dealers navigate a rapidly changing market. The Dealer VUEs section will have customer success stories to share how clients use VUE’s inherent security, mobility and efficiency features to drive superior user experience, reduce costs and protect their business. This will serve as the foundation for what will eventually include a variety of resources in different formats that help dealers run their business. 

“Our website is intended to be a resource for dealers looking to adapt and adjust their operations, no matter what the market conditions look like,” said Dominion DMS Digital Marketing Manager Benjamin Weinberg. “It was designed with responsiveness and ease-of-use, so dealers can quickly get what they need and on with their day.” 

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About Dominion DMS:

Dominion DMS’ new cloud-native dealer management system solution, VUE, gives US-based retail automotive dealers the digital mobility, security and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market. Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud and decades of experience serving dealerships, VUE DMS enables dealers to deliver a superior buying experience, reduce costs and protect their business. Learn more at

About Dominion Dealer Solutions:

Dominion Dealer Solutions prides itself on providing the automotive industry’s most innovative technology. Products include the new cloud-native dealer management system solution offering modern digital mobility, security and efficiency (VUE DMS), inventory management and merchandising (Dealer Specialties) and vehicle data solutions (DataOne), vehicle registration reporting (Cross-Sell), and AI-powered Customer intel platform for sales and service, (Activator Dealer Solutions).  Every OEM and more than 6,000 dealer partners depend on Dominion’s foundation of innovation, integrity, excellence and teamwork to deliver outstanding results. For more information, visit our website, like us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube, or follow us on Twitter.

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