VUE Service Lane Tools Approved for GM Dealerships

Dealers can now use the Microsoft-based cloud-native DMS to track and earn service incentives through GM’s Parts and Service Excellence (PASE) program

Norfolk, Va. – April 10, 2021 – Dominion VUE DMS, a cloud-native solution providing dealers the confidence to break free with digital mobility, security and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market, announces that its Service Lane Tools (SLT) are approved for use with General Motors (GM) franchise dealerships. Dealerships can now offer GM’s Factory Recommended Maintenance and suggested work from the Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection (MPVI) to their customers. This streamlines the fixed operations process and enhances service drive credibility, contributing to higher customer experience, retention and revenue.

“We are committed to helping dealers maximize productivity and profits with our cloud-native DMS,” said Dominion DMS President Sharon Kitzman. “With the approval of VUE’s SLT, GM dealerships can improve efficiency in their fixed operations, allowing them to focus on providing excellent customer service while ensuring they get their hard-earned incentives.”

The Microsoft-based VUE DMS offers a GM SLT Exception Report, which enables dealership service managers to efficiently implement GM’s Factory Recommended Maintenance and MPVI. Meeting those service goals are important for dealers to qualify for incentives through PASE. The report will show real-time progress on the data transmitted to GM once the repair order (RO) is closed.

VUE’s SLT makes it easy for dealers to comply with GM service requirements through:

  • Dashboard. Quick access to customer information, vehicle service history and contracts, warranty, recalls, subscriptions and other service campaigns.
  • Real-Time Data Transmission. See vehicle information and add factory recommendations and services to RO within VUE. Once RO is closed, PASE points are sent to GM.
  • Health Report. When RO is closed, Service Advisors can provide customers with a snapshot of their vehicle diagnostic.
  • GM SLT Exception Report. Get a high-level view of Factory Recommended Maintenance and MPVI usage, and identify areas of improvement.
  • GM PASE Reporting. Efficiently aggregate RO data from VUE and transmit automatically for PASE reporting, ensuring the dealership is compensated for compliance.

“With VUE’s SLT, we now have a good process in place to track and qualify for GM’s Parts and Service incentives,” said Larry Puckett Chevrolet’s General Manager Holly Foster. “We don’t have to input information into multiple platforms anymore. The data shows up in VUE and helps us keep our PASE dollars and points up to date. It’s a lot easier having everything in one place with all the data in front of us.”

As the only cloud-native DMS built on Microsoft Azure, VUE will continue to support its dealer partners through product features and integrations that drive efficiency and profitability. To learn more about VUE and other enhancements, explore our features.

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