How VUE DMS Client Services Deliver Modern Solution to Dealers

According to the 2021 Dealer DMS Sentiment Survey, dealers said that quality of support was a key reason for selecting their current DMS. They also said it was one of the top reasons they are unhappy with their existing system. At VUE DMS, our mission is to redefine partner with every interaction. With our cloud-native solution, dealers not only get the benefits of modern technology but the backing of our exceptional client services team.

I have been in the automotive retail industry for 38 years, with client services and DMS implementation. When I joined VUE DMS, I was excited to be part of a company answering questions that dealers have had for a long time, which is the flexibility to use the platform and their data as they see fit.

Our Client Services Team

A key strength of VUE DMS is our people and their passion for helping dealers solve problems. Our Client Services team is made up of different types of roles designed to provide timely assistance to address our client needs whether they are implementing our system or simply have a question about one of our tools.

Our team consists of project managers, implementation consultants, trainers and support specialists who all play a unique role, some oversee the entire implementation process, some travel weekly to client dealerships while our support team works 363 days a year supporting phone calls and operating an after-hours emergency line. As a team, they all work together to make sure DMS transitions are seamless and that the dealers’ needs come first.

We have a dedicated and tenured group of team members in every facet working towards the same goal. We are nimble and agile, so we can move quickly without getting stuck in analysis paralysis. These advantages make a big difference in satisfying dealers’ needs in this ever evolving market.

Our Software Implementation Plan

One of the biggest concerns for dealers is the potential downtime during DMS implementation. But what dealers can expect from us during this process is that we thought about everything. Our goal is to minimize disruption as much as possible when we are onsite and going live on VUE DMS. To do that, we work with dealers for months in advance to pull the whole project together. Here are the key stages:

  • Discovery – Our Project Managers work behind the scenes with the dealers to understand how they want VUE DMS to work by taking into consideration how the dealer wants to manage their business, what workflows make sense to them, and how we can incorporate it so they have a seamless operation.
  • Setup – Our Deployment Team takes that information and ensures they are set up in VUE DMS. We also prepare data for transfer from the previous system.
  • Deployment – Our Onsite Facilitator visits the dealership to guide each department on the training they need. Webinars are also available to help expedite adoption. The following week, our onsite crew supports each department as they go live. We get all the work in progress from the previous system ready on Mondays and go live on Tuesdays. We are there until the end of the week to make sure implementation goes well; then we come back the following week to finalize everything.
  • Optimization – Our Performance Optimization Team works with dealers for the next six weeks to make sure there are no lingering issues or questions.
  • Support – Dealers receive ongoing assistance from our Support Team. They also get a Customer Advocate who works closely with them to ensure they take advantage of key features for maximum impact.

At VUE DMS, we are working to modernize the DMS world – something that’s never really been done before. Our cloud-native solution offers dealers the security, flexibility, and efficiency to drive greater productivity and profits. We back it up with an experienced client services team that is 100% committed to their success.

If dealers are not satisfied with the quality of support from their current DMS vendor, maybe it’s time to consider a new solution.

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