Frequently Asked Questions

Is VUE Core DMS really $0 per month?

Yes!  Dominion DMS has made the core features of its Microsoft-based and cloud-native VUE DMS available to franchised automotive dealers for $0 per month.

What is “core”?

Core includes everything you need to run your new car dealership.  Here is a partial list of the functionality included in VUE Core DMS:

  • Sales
    • Multiple scenario desking of cash, finance, and lease deals
    • Electronic deal jacket
    • Customizable deal close warnings
    • Laser F&I forms printing (impact forms also available)
    • Quick wholesale deal creation
  • Accounting
    • Intelligent deal posting templates
    • Real-time posting, data, and reports
    • Intercompany posting for journal entries, deals, etc.
    • Import Excel files to GL posting
  • Export reports as PDFs or Excel files
  • MICR check printing
  • Positive pay check security
  • Fixed Operations
    • Tablet-friendly walk-around inspection screen
    • Collaborative repair order that allows advisors, technicians and parts counter people to be in a repair order simultaneously
    • Partial close repair orders so customer pay lines can be completed while leaving open warranty lines
    • Real-time messaging between dealership users including attachments
    • Technician route sheet for digital timekeeping, parts requests and 
    • Parts request roster
  • OEM Certified Factory Communications
  • Overall System
    • Universal database search from every screen
    • Bank-level Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited data retention
    • User-customizable search tables
    • Unlimited digital document storage
    • Multiple store support
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • No VPN requirement

What is not included in VUE Core DMS?

OEM parts price updates ($200 per month per OEM), OEM labor time guides ($200 per month per OEM) and Payroll ($200 per month).

What is the initial price of VUE Core DMS?

It is $0 as long as your dealership personnel completes their preparation online training.

What if my employees do not complete their training?

It is $5,000 per rooftop if your team does not do their preparation online training.

Why wouldn’t I want my team to know how to use their new DMS?

That’s exactly what we were thinking!

How long is the contract?

The VUE Core DMS initial term is 24 months.  After that the agreement continues month-to-month.

If you don’t charge anything monthly or initially, how do you make money?

Dominion DMS charges modest fees to third-party vendors when their applications securely integrate to VUE Core DMS.  Vendors will most likely pass these fees on to you, as they do with most other DMS providers.  Rather than trying to build similar products and selling them to dealers, we allow any application from any vendor to securely integrate to VUE Core DMS.  This provides dealers the freedom to choose the applications they want to best run their business.

How much are these vendor integration fees?

The fees Dominion DMS charges to third-party vendors vary based on the type of data in VUE Core DMS that is accessed.  The average application integration fees are $200 per month per rooftop.

Do you throttle the frequency of integration or limit the data a third-party vendor can get in your DMS?

No!  Dominion DMS considers these third-party vendors as partners.  Between us, we want to create the optimum workflow for our common clients, the users at your dealership.  Not only do we not throttle the speed or frequency of the data that flows to and from VUE Core DMS, but we continually work with our vendor partners to add more data elements for even better integrations.

Will you eventually add more optional functionality to VUE Core DMS so I won’t need all of these third-party vendors?

Yes and No.  Dominion DMS focuses on the core functionality of VUE Core DMS.  Your DMS will continue to be the system of record for dealership transactions, and the gateway to factory communications with OEMs.  To that end, we will continue to enhance the Core features of VUE DMS based on our client feedback, and of course, continue to add OEM and government compliance updates.  As it relates to new applications, Dominion DMS prefers to elevate our vendor partners’ applications by providing a robust, secure platform for them to access your data. 

You mention “franchised automotive dealerships” a lot. Is your DMS available for independent dealerships?

VUE Core DMS is designed for franchised automotive dealerships.  Our customers who also have used car locations may use VUE Core DMS under the same terms.  We are not adding independent stores that are not affiliated with franchised automotive dealers at this time. 

Is VUE Core DMS available internationally?

VUE Core DMS is only available in the 50 United States. 

How will I know if my current third-party vendors integrate with VUE Core DMS?

Visit our Partner page to filter or search our growing list of applications that we integrate with. 

What if I do not see one of my vendors on your Partner page?

Dominion DMS will allow any vendor to securely integrate to VUE Core DMS.  Let us know if you do not see yours and we will reach out to them to get their integration started. 

What support options do we have after we are installed on VUE Core DMS?

Toll-free support is included at no additional charge from a United States-based team of industry-knowledgeable team members.  Our team can do a quick screen share with you to assist in answering your questions.  VUE also has a built-in knowledge base for self-service support.  

What if my support question is related to one of the vendors you integrate with? Is there just going to be a bunch of finger pointing?

Our business strategy is built around treating them not just as vendors, but as true partners.  Our support team works directly with our vendor partner support teams so we can quickly resolve any integration issues together for our mutual clients, the dealers. 

I’ve been using my current DMS as long as I can remember, what is going to happen to all of that data I have accumulated?

We will convert the data that is in your current system.  Early in your transition to VUE, our deployment team will perform an initial conversion of your existing data that is verified with your management team.  The final conversion will take place the night before you go live.  

A lot of time when we select software for our dealership we never see another person from that company until it is time for the contract to be renewed. Should I expect the same from Dominion DMS?

Since your VUE Core DMS agreement becomes month-to-month after the initial 24 month term, you will not need to renew it.  Though we will not be back in your dealership to negotiate terms, we do assign a Client Advocate that will be part of your support team from the moment you go live.  In addition to the many support resources that are included, your Client Advocate will make periodic visits to your dealership, and will ensure that you are getting the most out of the features of VUE Core DMS. 

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